CSGV on Virginia Tech Scare.

It took them 24 hours, but finally they managed to come out with some silly stuff.

Actually Mass Killers would not be around since they kinda hate going into places where they can be shot.You see, hunting ain’t fun when the bunny shoots back. And to Mr. Austin, you will not find any pro-gun commentaries in the CSGV Facebook page: they get deleted as soon as they are detected. Remember, If You Are For Gun Control, You Must Relinquish Thinking!

But if you do not know if he is carrying, how do you figure who to debate or not debate? Me thinks you are looking for an excuse for Professors not to do their jobs and educate….wait, they are not doing that already if they are thinking like this. And I am still amazed at the absolute contempt these people have for College students. They think students are all a bunch of crazed, over sexed, intoxicated fools unable to control themselves.

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  1. What a bunch of hysterical women (and that includes David Austin),

    By their reasoning and “observations”, there are plenty of students that could “just snap” and go on a killing rampage.

    So, how does one stop or prevent that?


    [Kid waving arm in front row of class]: “I know, I know, Professor/God-Like Intellectual, we BAN them and then the unicorns will come and sleep with me and the rainbow will always be over the campus and everyone will love each other.”

    [Professor]: Correct! If we BAN them, we will be safe forever because no one can ever bring one onto our sacred campus.

    …sound of gunshots…[Class Members]: “I wish I had something to defend myself…”

  2. Who the hell thought college was a place to be irresponsible and actually promoted this idiotic bullshit? “Animal House” may be a classic movie but it’s also HOLLYWOOD. That place is like a haven of statism and peaceniks.

    Parents, do your damn jobs and raise your kids correctly…and a similar word goes for the professors.

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