They will have a fit…

In Santa Rosa, People’s republic of California, a SWAT exhibition and demonstration came under heavy criticism by the local Namby Pambys because they let kids handle unloaded and locked firearms.

I wonder what kind of major cardiovascular malfunction these same people would have if they would let a 3 year old shoot a mini gun.

And it never fails. Check the smile of the kid at the end of the video. I am so jealous!

One Reply to “They will have a fit…”

  1. Funny how this never seems to figure into all the arguments by the antis.

    ———“A U.S. Department of Justice study showed that children introduced to firearms by their fathers had a lower rate of delinquency than children who learned about guns on the street, or even children who had no experience with guns at all,” Dr. Tim Wheeling, of the group Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, told

    The 1994 Justice Department report concluded: “Boys who own legal firearms… are even slightly less delinquent than nonowners of guns.” Specifically, 14 percent of kids with legal firearms committed street crimes, compared to 24 percent of kids with no guns at home.————–



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