A Day Of Range

Yesterday I took SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) to the range for some deserved and overdue practice. Her first shot ended up being a perfect hole in the Brain Housing and you could not ask for more. It is amazing what a little serious training will do and how many myths will be shattered. Her Highness’ gun is a Kahr CW9, a small gun and with a less than stellar trigger by all expert accounts, but experts I have come to realize that more and more “experts” talk out of their rear ends. The Kahr, being a small gun, will have more of a perceived recoil than a big Beretta M9 or a 1911, but SWMBO was properly trained on how to hold a gun and you may notice that there is a piece of brass flying from her last trigger pull and the gun is already back down and sights properly aligned and about to shoot once again. She has shot what should be a total nasty experience which is a snubbie 357 Mag with full loads with the same results and again that is the result of proper training.

Of course, you cannot properly trained if you yourself have absorbed your knowledge via internet forums, TV shows and the latest video game. I saw several women accompanying their better but brainless halves at the range and I had to cringe at what I saw. Guys, please, a gun range is not the place to demonstrate your inner macho. Do Not Drag your significant other to a place she does not want to be. If  she is with her arms crossed, shoulders hunched and a royally pissed off face on display, she was expecting the a soothing quite location like the Cheesecake Factory and not a noisy dirty place. Another big hint: Wardrobe. If she is dressed in flimsy top, dashing makeup, $200 hairdo and cute sandals, the range is probably not the place for her at that time.

On the wardrobe issue, I saw one young lady wearing flip flops, sweat pants and a very tight t-shirt cut at the neck in a way that would exhibit her well developed chest. I might be getting old or it might have been that SWMBO was armed and next to me, but the thought that crossed my mind was “What a perfect Hot Brass Landing Area she has!” Please, make sure that you are safely dressed with clothing and shoes that will avoid that nasty hot brass/skin interaction that sends people dancing silly with a loaded gun.

To the Testosterone-Ravaged Lane Neighbor we had at the range: Rapid Fire that hits outside the target is just unmitigated noise making and annoys the hell out of me. My annoyance went double when you realized that the petite woman with the tiny gun in the lane over was 100 times more accurate than you and you gave her a dirty look. Yes, the fat bastard watching you was the husband; the same one who was also more accurate than you shooting weak hand drills. PS: Ammunition makers love you though.

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  1. Way to go Miggy & The Little Blonde(SWMBO). We just finished up a 5 day class with a woman who was shorter than me (I’m 5′ 0″) who shot a 500 rd course with a Ruger LCR. Chicks rule!

  2. Triggers are one of those subjective things; unless they’re so flat awful that you’re asking someone else “Shoot this, it’s so bad I want a witness!” what’s awful to some is fine with someone else.

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