9 Replies to “VPC hates Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday.”

  1. LA has 4.5 million people, -about 880 homicides per year based on rates listed above. DC has about 190 and AK will have about 120.

    Of course this leaves out that the most important thin is the rate not the overall number…

  2. “I have a hunch that when you take the rate times the actual populations, LA will be #1 in total deaths per year.”

    Not even close. Look at AZ, for starters.

  3. Bah. Do not fall into the logical fallacies of the anti-rights cultists – reject their idiocy at the most basic of levels whenever and wherever possible.

    “Gun deaths” are a meaningless statistic crafted entirely and specifically to reduce, if not outright destroy, the notion of the salutary affects firearms can have on a society, especially given that those numbers frequently include both self-defense shootings and shootings by police. On the other hand, “violent crime” statistics represent not only how crime-ridden the populace really is, but also indicate how much firearms can discourage criminals from doing what they do.

    And, guess what? Louisiana clocks in at #10 for 2005. As usual, anti-rights cultists are all too eager to warp statistics to their own pathetic, authoritarian wet dreams…

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