When they came for (fill the blank, you are next).

Now it appears to be the turn of Luthiers. Gibson Guitars was raided by the Feds for allegedly buying wood that might have not come from environmentally-approved sources even though Gibson had no reason to suspect otherwise.

Outrage ensues obviously; I mean, this is the US of A damn it! Innocent until Proven Guilty? Nope, in “special” cases do not apply. Antique instruments built prior to this stupid law? Only if you can prove it is not regulated under the new rules; Burden of Proof now resides with you. And if you cannot prove it, you go to jail, pay the fine and that gorgeous Steinway grand piano built in the 19th century with Ivory keys will be destroyed. Does the thought of Government agents driving a steamroller over classic guitar, violins and other instruments make you sick to your stomach?

Welcome to our reality in the Gun Culture.