Serfdom QOTD

Last night, an AM radio station in South Florida was transmitting the direct feed of a news station in Manhattan. I want to say it was FM 100.9 all news but I can’t pin a website for it. Initially I have to say I was amused at the amount and loudness of hysterics about a hurricane that it had not hit yet. One reporter sent home called totally frazzled because there were two (2) trees knocked down on the particular highway he was driving and was warning how he could lose a tire if he rode over them (Huh? Down here we drive around them.)

The Newscaster were taking calls in between interviews with authorities and assorted End Of The World advice. One particular caller had already lost electrical power and was getting her light out of a candle. The words that came out of the mouth of the female newscaster floored me:

The Mayor doe not like candles!

Are you frigging kidding me? His Highness Bloomer The First does not like candles? What gigantic level of stupidity and servile attitude! Does thye Mayor actually think that NY people are so stupid that they cannot properly manipulate and conquer the use of a candle?

Thank God Bloomberg is the Mayor up there and not anywhere in South Florida. Would he dare making such a statement down here would immediately create a Foxtrot Yankee response and so loud he would think an 9.0 earthquake just erupted.