5 Replies to “CSGV: Reasoned Discourse…wait for it…wait for it…”

  1. The answer is simple – in a free exchange of ideas and facts, anti-rights cultists / “gun control” supporters always lose, and their continued attempts to control the signal only serve to prove the point.

    Unfortunately for them, you cannot stop the signal, and it goes everywhere…

  2. Wow, that “Reasoned Discourse” is so painful to watch, like a train-wreck. You want to turn away, but you keep peeking and hope it is not going to happen, but to no avail.

    So, with this attitude of deleting different opinions (note: they’re not insulting / vile comments), how could one trust a single utterance from this site.

    Even if I was in their philosophical camp (OMG!), I would run away from CSGV because you would never get the truth from them.

    The truth hurts, but it will set you free…

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