CSGV: Threading in Dangerous & Libelous Waters.

This has become the latest mantra of the Laddites. Nothing new actually, I recall the Feminist in the Sixties and Seventies using pretty much the same strategy when they basically announced to the world that sex between a married couple was Rape and all Men were nothing but rapists that have not been caught or indicted.

The mental gymnastics is based in one simple premise: You own a gun, you are a certified criminal in their minds. There is no need for criminal intention for you to be called a criminal. This is very important in their efforts because the level of criminal activity by Law Abiding Gun owners is nil compared to the regular population of the country.  This is a propagandist use of Malum Prohibitum (Prohibited because we say so) because they know they damn well they will never be able to prove that Gun Ownership is Malum In Se (Prohibited because it is inherently bad or evil) and that actually owning a gun will help innocent people stand against real criminals.

There is no doubt that CSGV is the radical wing of the anti-gun movement. We have been called everything from murderers and Child Abusers to cannibals by the Laddites. Fortunately (so far) their own stridency has kept them from being treated somewhat seriously by the Media and that has to be pissing them off plenty. Still they are to be kept under surveillance by our side, one never knows when these morons will try to take it to the next level and become real dangers to civilized society.

UPDATE: Found the “extended version” in the VPC Facebook page by our prefered Mental Health Specialist Craig Hexman.

I guess adding to the list of dangers the Mentally Ill part will help them herd us into “facilities” and away from their Ivory Towers.


PS: I used “surveillance” on purpose. If they read this post, they will stop at the word and go ballistically foaming at the mouth and screaming at the skies. Fun must be found where available 😉

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  1. Remember all Muslims are peaceful people until they detonate the suicide vest. Odd how that’s ignorant and bigoted, but what they say isn’t.

    I could play that game all day!

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