Brady still does not get it.

From The Brady Bunch Facebook Page:

Laws are followed by the Law Abiding people, criminals by definition do not follow the law there fore a law prohibiting the keeping and bearings of arms is going to be only followed by those who are law-abiding. Also that is why we usually add penalties for violating a law so those breaking it feel the pain.

Let me give you an example. You know that recent law in Florida where localities are not allowed to pass gun control measures because the State has exerted pre-emption on any Gun Laws? Actually the law has been in the books for 23 years but some local governments decided that since the law worked on the honor system and imposed no penalties, they could bypass it and do pretty much whatever the hell they wanted because they are politicians and honor is not genetically encoded into them or was taught by Mom or Dad. This addendum to the existing law imposes a $5,000 penalty to any official creating or enforcing any local gun control regulation not approved by the Florida Legislature and the fine must be paid out of their pockets and not taxpayers’ funds. Counties that have been following the law since its inception will have no problems, anybody else is pretty much scrambling to remove the ILLEGAL ordinances or getting ready to be taken to court.
Now, any person with a somewhat functional brain is able to understand the whole concept stated above, but anti-gunners’ brains work on a different wavelength altogether: one of despotism. The following is a reply of the initial Brady post:

Apparently we are all criminals. We just haven’t been caught yet.

It is a good thing that stupidity is not punishable with the death penalty or Mike would be in the express lane to a Sparky recliner.

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  1. To carry the Brady analogy, we are not saying we don’t need stop signs because some people won’t obey them. We are saying that the people that don’t obey the first stop sign won’t obey the second, third or fourth sign we put up at the same intersection.

  2. And I did fail to say that by saying “There are no Law Abiding Citizens”, he is indicating that he is willing to abdicate his freedoms so we don’t keep hours. Constitutional Lemming anyone?

  3. Wow, this is like the same stupid argument that we should just legalize prostitution because there are people who will break the law to fulfill their urges.

    The BC ignores that there is a ranking or threshold for criminal activities. Some criminals might just steal, but never murder. While others may be more dangerous. However, does the silly Brady Campaign really believe that laws regarding illegal firearm possession influence or stop criminals? it is a non-issue to them. A weapons charge is just the “cost of doing business” if they get caught. Others have said, a lesser crime and penalty will not stop a criminal intent on a bigger crime. This is why “Gun Free Zones” are death traps because a murderous SOB will not obey them.

    Their “stop sign” analogy fails in a most practical manner though, since every piece of gun control legislation that they propose has not stopped, or even slowed, violent crime by criminals.

    Gun control measures are all demonstrably USELESS.

    Back ground checks, waiting periods, getting only a gun a month, magazine and ammunition type restrictions, limitations for sporting purposes (no pistol grip, bayonet lugs, or long barrel length), total handgun bans, and many other restrictions that they have tried all failed miserably to stop criminals from killing with firearms (or with other weapons).

    You know what does deter, or stop, criminals with violent intent? An armed citizen or a police officer (if they just happen to be in close proximity). Inviting them to join you for tea and crumpets to discuss their angst with economic injustice or whatever ails them simply does not work. Displaying or using a firearm encourages them to stop their attempted robbery, rape or murder.

  4. “a lesser crime and penalty will not stop a criminal intent on a bigger crime”

    This. I could not have said it better and this crystallizes something that has been rolling around in my head that I couldn’t express.

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