5 Replies to “When I Heard The Term “Federal Family”…”

  1. Sorry, but this must be before my time, because I have no idea who “susan-and-charlie” are. Looks like a courtroom, maybe. Are they criminals? Without a last name, searching for “susan and charlie” on either Bing or Google simply returns a bunch of wedding websites…

  2. Haha, gotcha. I’d never actually seen a picture of the man.

    We skimmed over his exploits in some of our psychology classes. There were some Russian men whose case studies were even creepier.

  3. The Tate & LaBianca murders shattered the idea “Peace and Love,” “Flower Power” and all the assorted BS hippies were selling. To this date it is unknown how many people the Manson Family killed, lots of people went by the ranch they were using as commune and were never heard of ever again.

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