On expectations about Fast & Furious.

Those licking their chomps about Fast & Furious, may I remind you that a lot more Americans died in two other ATF-led operations: Ruby Ridge and Waco. No one Federal agent, supervisor or administrator served one second of prison time and nothing happened to ATF.

At best what we can get out of Fast & Furious is enough negative votes to make sure this administration does not get re-elected. Maybe then we can revisit ATF and do a serious clean up.

3 Replies to “On expectations about Fast & Furious.”

  1. I’ve been thinking this too, but have been loathe to say it because I did not want to discourage those hardy, tenacious souls that have been pursuing this against all of the odds.

  2. And they should continue with our support. I just don’t want anybody to have extremely high expectations that in a year’s time we will be ATF-Free buying full auto MP-5s at the nearest 7-11 while Open Carry a Clock 20 in NYC.

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