Mike Summit Knows History

Poor Mike, besides poor grammar his knowledge of historic facts regarding guns is null. Mikey baby, let me introduce you to the Liberator Pistol:

Known as the gun that took longer to reload than to manufacture, the Liberator was a single shot, smooth bore .45 ACP caliber gun that was produced in WWII reaching one million units. They were dropped in occupied territories for the Resistance forces alongside 10 rounds of ammunition. The idea is that a resistance fighter would use it to kill a German or Japanese soldier and procure their weapons for further fighting.

It came with a graphic instruction manual in one sheet to illustrate how to operate and reload:

Now, imagine what can an individual do to an occupying army with a modern handgun like a Glock <gasp!>

Pictures shamelessly stolen from Hellinahadbasket.com

6 Replies to “Mike Summit Knows History”

  1. Defense against tyranny…so, IF they come to round up people to send to “re-education camps” those of a particular religion, or of a specific ethnic or racial group, or those who belong to a particular political party, is armed resistance extreme?

    No, we are clearly not out there shooting the Census worker who wanders up to the front door or the police car as they drive by. We sill live in civilized times.

    However, we do retain the absolute right that if our government would ever decide to break all the rules, trash the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and unleash the military on civilians, to use arms to defend ourselves as best we can. That’s an ugly situation.

    Mike Summitt is historically illiterate because he just ignores how some governments have turned bad and then murdered millions of their citizens (Nazi Germany, most of the communist countries, numerous African nations, Turkey, and so on). To deny that there is the possibility of the destruction of the precarious democratic process is putting too much faith in the good nature of men. Let’s not forget we fought a bloody civil war and Lincoln suspended the writ of Habeus Corpus and silenced the press. How about our own WW2 internment of Japanese-Americans who had committed no crime? Their sin was their ancestory and their west coast location.

    Clearly, our Constitution is a wonderful thing, but only if the same government respects it since it was designed to restrain them. If it breaks this trust then all bets are off.

  2. Don’t hold me to this, but I think I saw a photo of Philippine partisans armed with them in WWII in American Shooters years ago. IRRC, they were more popular in the east than in Europe.

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