Brady & Co. defecating building materials because of a Glock.

I gather they are upset about the Glock Raffle in Pima County. I had never sen the therm “Neo-Christian Cult of Economic Rapists” before, at least one realizes Gun Owners are not the dying breed the Bradys would like everybody to think, several go in a synonym competition, one has a sequence backwards proving once more you should not trust what Antis tell you about guns. The inevitable Goodwin Law makes its appearance, one is happy she doesn’t live in Arizona…and Arizonans agree plus the usual attacks to the GOP.

Amazingly enpough, the NRA is not targeted. Unless that is what the guy meant by Neo-Christian Cult of Economic Rapists” and I have been missing meeting because nobody told me.

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  1. They would really crap a brick if they were listening to my favorite radio show here in my neck of the woods. That radio show auctions off a gun every thursday afternoon. the proceeds go to wounded warrior and another 2 charities that escape me at the moment. They average between $800-$1200 pretty much every week.



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