Doing the right thing V. Doing the right thing.

From the SWAT Magazine Facebook page:

I agree and also did many of the commentators. The truth is there are no easy or correct answers when something like this happens. We as civilians are not paid to go into harm’s way or have the responsibility to do so. In 100% cold terms, our priorities should be 1) My life, 2) My Loved Ones lives, 3) Everybody else lives.

Then again we are the good guys. When we see something wrong, our upbringing, training and morals make us want to intercede and put a stop to it. Also, nothing wrong with that line of thought.

We are also realists. We know that sometimes there are no happy endings, the prince does not end up with the princess and unicorns do not fart rainbows. We will make decisions that will weight heavily in our souls and there is nothing we can do about that.

2 Replies to “Doing the right thing V. Doing the right thing.”

  1. Worst part of having a gun… when you don’t manage to do something, you wonder if you could have.

    Similar to the worst thing about not carrying your gun.

    If he’d tried to get to the guy, might he have done it? Maybe. Or maybe he’d be dead, too; possibly the psycho would’ve gone after more people. We can’t know, and it kills me to imagine how he must feel, wondering “what if?”


  2. The important thing is that he had the choice. The anti-rights gun control freaks want to take away the option and guarantee that we are ALL unarmed, except, of course, the really bad guy who has a firearm illegally and ignores the “gun free zone” signs.

    The more CCW license holders that we have the more likely there will be one (or more) in the right place, and the right time, to end a situation like this quickly to preserve innocent lives.



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