3 Replies to “CSGV Ladditte of the Day: Nancy McNamer”

  1. These ill-informed anti-rights freaks should realize that every type of firearm has been used as a weapon of war. Behold, sidearms, shotguns, assault rifles (not the fake assault weapon), carbines, high power bolt action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, fully automatic rifles, machine guns, and so on.

    So, if they are trying to ban weapons of war that means everything from a musket to an uzi. So, they are for the confiscation of every gun, everywhere, except in the always benevolvent hands of the government [ahem].

  2. I am fairly certain that both my T-30 Arisaka and my 1943 Mosin have each been used to kill more people than my Saiga, but it’s the Saiga that would have the GFW’s up in a tizzy.

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