Menu for Sunday

Breakfast will have the obligatory biscuits form scratch, bacon and real sausage.

For lunch we will have mashed potatoes & grilled pork chops marinated and with a glaze of orange juice & sugar. Enough garlic in the marinade to kill a battalion of vampires by opening my mouth. Sort like what happens to Wall Street after an Obama Speech. Apple pie for desert.

Supper will be leftovers that most definitely will involve pork.

Remember, Sunday is Pork all day. And yes, you are right. That is why.

2 Replies to “Menu for Sunday”

  1. Lu and I are joining you Miguel. We’re taking some BLT’s out to the secret range, popping off a few caps and heading back to a nice BBQ. I’m thinking some nice chops or some pulled pork.


  2. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    Currently at Saipan for my summer-fall “I’m a recent graduate who can;t find a bloody job so I’ll take care of my grandpa” vacation. So it shall be.

    Bacon. Eggs. Fried Spam. Shredded seaweed wafers. White rice. (Alternatively: Chamorro Red Rice in lieu of the seaweed and white rice.)



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