CSGV now makes fake websites.

The latest from the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence is a Facebook post with an innocuous posting informing about a website called “Meet the NRA Board.”

Do notice that the logo at first sight immediately reminds you of the official NRA logo and thus an official NRA Website. Once you click on the link, you are transported to  Meet The NRA Board site.

Then only if you pay attention is that you notice that the NRA logo has been altered and you smell that something is fishy. Unless you scroll to bottom of the page, you are wondering who came up with this fake job.

This website is the property of the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. It is in no way affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA) or any other organization.

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence is no other than Ladd Everitt and CSGV. The site apparent goal is to announce to the world that the NRA is:

is operated by a group of individuals who promote racism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-immigrant animus, religious bigotry, anti-environmentalism, and insurrectionism. Some active board members have even had close relationships with brutal dictators in outside nations. Put simply, members of the NRA leadership no longer make for polite company.

Do I hear the sounds of a mayor lawsuit in the background?

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    1. How stupid are you guys? Do you really think that the NRA would make a website that disses on their own board members? It should be pretty obvious that the Csgv made this site to tell people stuff about the NRA board members through their own research.

  1. Wouldn’t this have to have an Illegal Mayors Against Guns connection for a “mayor lawsuit”? (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

    The sad part is when I read the CSGV’s alleged dirt on some of the board members, it was things the board members should be proud of. For example, Ronnie Barrett is “teh ebil” because he understands that machineguns and other militia weapons are exactly what the 2A is intended to protect. I am honestly surprised that Libelous Ladd didn’t throw a tantrum about Barrett’s refusal to sell weapons to California’s “Only Ones”.

    I haven’t gone through all of the site’s would be “smoking guns” yet, but so far it has all been as ridiculous as when CSGV tried to claim Tango feeding his son peas was child abuse.

    I sincerely hope the Collectivists for Supreme Government Violence close shop in my lifetime, so that I may celebrate their long overdue demise.

  2. If Ladd Everitt and both of the other people on the CSGV staff could not bully us – a bunch of misfit, private webloggers – into silence through their attempts at intimidation, harassment, “outing”, and all of their other idiocy, what makes them think they will have any success against public figures who are used to petulant brats digging up and publicizing “dirt” on them?

    “Out of their depth” does not even begin to describe the CSGV’s situation…

  3. Funny, I thought several of their labels apply to them. Projection anyone? Let’s see…

    1) Religious bigotry – I believe that they hate Christians who are often pro-firearms and misquote Scripture to support their views for gun control.

    2) Anti-Environmentalism – Hmm, aren’t real hunters supportive of conservation? What do they want to do, well stop hunting and let wolves over-populate. How about their lead shot bans that have little scientific support?

    3) Dictators – That’s a good one since they themselves want to dictate how everyone else is to behave, what they can own and what they can do for self-defense (i.e. hope the police save you).

    4) Insurrectionism – I would think their efforts to try to to blot out the Second Amendment sounds like an overthrow of the law of the land to me.

    5) Misogny – Their desire to keep those women-folk defenseless and ripe for the raping sounds so sweet. [NOT!]

    6) Racism and Homophobia – Same as above. They want them to not have firearms so they are defenseless target for hate crimes.

    Regarding immigrants, maybe we can agree. I do not want to see ILLEGAL aliens getting guns and then killing U.S. citizens as part of their MS-13 gang rituals or in running drugs.

    Other than that, CSGV is filled with mental midgets who have delusions of omnipotence over us.

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