Why Concealed Carry helps those who do not carry.

Imagine two identically looking bowls with 100 M&Ms each:

Bowl One has 100 fresh M&Ms reap for picking by anybody.

Bowl 2 has 95 fresh and delicious M&Ms and 5 M&Ms laced with a very fast acting poison but indistinguishable from the rest.

Question: Which bowl will be avoided like the plague?

24 Replies to “Why Concealed Carry helps those who do not carry.”

  1. Another reason why we need BOTH open carry AND Concealed carry.

    Concealed carry is the proverbial “Fast acting poison” but open carry is the proverbial blog post reminding all which bowl is which.

  2. Weerd beat me to it.

    Imagine a third imagine….a bowl with 90 fresh and delicious, 5 indistinguishable M&Ms with poison and 5 marked with Skull and Cross bones indicating they are poisoned clearly visible.

  3. OK guys. the title is concealed carry not OC. LOL
    But to keep you happy, it is a third bowl of M7Ms painted like rat poison pellets. Good enough? 😉

    Damn, somebody said OC fans are as bad as Ron Paul Supporters…don’t make me believe that!

    1. Miguel,
      Why so closed minded? The 2nd Amendment states we have a right to carry (bear) arms. It doesn’t tell us how we have to do that. OC or concealed should be left up to the individual. The analogy still fits. IF some members of the community carry, there will be less violence from the criminally minded among us.

  4. Bowl 2..after all who wants to die if they don’t have to?
    Oh and about the Gun Free Zone being a suspension of logic. I look at it this way. To a criminal Gun Free Zone= Target Rich Environment come on ahead we want you to kill us and take us for everything we own.
    To the lone lunatic gunman Gun Free Zone= Target Rich Environment..come on ahead dude we want to die.

  5. OC all the way. States with it have “0” bank robberies. Last year in Wake County, NC, we had 11 in 3 months, all by the same guy!! I don’t support Ron Paul, too cranky. MB or Herman Cain, he doesn’t have that tarnished politician mind set, he says his mind and doesn’t give a crap what others think!! She’s hot!!!

  6. You know what else works?
    Banning guns completely.
    Please look at per capita gun deaths (or even murders) in the UK compared with the US. Even our cops have specialised gun units but 98% of them have no guns.
    and yet we are safer than the US…
    odd that.
    guns don’t kill people
    people with guns kill people.
    Even in the US with all your gun crime…..people who own guns are MORE likely to have a family member die from gunfire than people with no guns.

    1. Jon,
      I live in Miami. Around 3 am I ran out of cigarettes, hopped in my truck and went to the first available store. I felt safe because crime in the US is going down and I had my gun with me in case a criminal did not get the message.

      You know what else works?
      Banning guns completely.

      You know what? It does not work. How’s gun crime up there? Higher than 10 years ago or twenty or even 40. In fact, gun crimes went up after the stupid Dumblane laws passed.
      There is a thing called the Internet, we check on you guys.

      In the meantime I bet you would have to think twice to go strolling at that same hour around London completely defenseless because even if you dare to do something to avoid an attack, you’d be arrested for defending yourself.

      It is too sweet to live in a place where the Nanny State cannot call me a criminal because I chose to exercise my God Given Right to stay alive.

      Brits used to have balls, some still do consequences be damned. You ain’t one of them.

    2. Jon the right to bear arms comes from having to kick the Tyrannical English out of the USA. So when someone from over there tells me to give them up, I take offense to it.

    3. lets ban all the cars they kill more people .. ya goof balls guns r no good unless the person behind it pulls the triger sum people are dumd founded people are afraid of guns so they want to band them in that case lets lock up the gun and let the true killer go just ban his gun and let him go its a crock of crap

  7. OC states have bank robbery. But then I live in the devil’s belly. Vegas. We can OC but cops hate it. So we have amazing robbery rates. Of course money flows like the free drinks. We just plan to move! 🙂

  8. If you take out the US stats for Gang/gang violence, we’re actually on par with the rest of the world. Maybe we should outlaw gangs.
    How’s that riot situation going over there?
    That’s the difference between being free men and being subjects. We kicked our oppressors out 200 years ago, about to need it again. Time to vote.

  9. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said “Those who would give up their freedom for security deserve neither.” I would rather have a personal arsenal than wait for a cop to show up if someone tries to break into my house, or attack me.

  10. I carry both concealed and open depending on where I am. I travel by truck pulling a horse trailer allot usually loaded with horses for week long camping trips into the wilderness. Those who dump bodies/grow illegal marijuana/meth labs(portable ones) go to places I like to camp or ride, I don’t intend on being a victim EVER. I feel safer around a mammy bear with a cub or two versus some crack head out brewing up another batch. I also need to be able to put down an animal in an emergency. I know for a fact the police will NOT shoot an injured animal even at the request of the owner in a accident situation. they force the owner to pay thousands of dollars in unwarranted vet bills. I will go to jail to put my own animal down if need be in an accident for the reason it usually takes hours for a vet to be contacted then hours for them to get to the scene in the mean time the animal is thrashing and suffering horribly or dieing a very slow and painful death! I will always carry under those possibilities.

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