Really dumb Brady Quote of the Day.

About the Open Carry Ban Law sitting on Gov. Brown’s desk, Brian Malte, director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said:

“People in other states look to see what California does,” he said. If Brown signs the bill, “other states will follow suit.”

Working for the Brady Campaign must demand living in a perpetual bubble of self-denial and suspension of reality. It has to be their way to cope with the perpetual frustration of becoming irrelevant at an accelerated rate.  The rest of the Country has gone the exact opposite every time California passes a Gun Control measure, but the Antis still think this is the 90’s and hoping that 21 Jump Street & Miami Vice got recorded in their VHS.


5 Replies to “Really dumb Brady Quote of the Day.”

  1. I will declare open political war on Governor Brown if he signs it and 3 other USELESS gun control bills on his desk. I’ll soon start to donate to his opponents and the idiots who sent him these bills, regardless of their region.


  2. This just goes to show their ignorance of gun law in the US.

    The same ~40 states will laugh at how completely stupid and nonsensical CA’s approach to crime management is.

    The other ~10 states (MA/NY/RI/NJ/MD/IL/HI/DC/etc.) ALREADY ban not only open carry but all carry entirely by making permit issuance subjective and at the discretion of bureaucrats not directly subject to the oversight of the constituency.

    One way or the other, the ~10 states, CA included, are headed for a day or reckoning in the courts, and if they have really read the Heller and McDonald decisions, they should know that the chances of their laws standing as-is are not great.

    But we all know they’ll go on spending money they don’t have trying to defend laws that don’t work and aren’t constitutional.


  3. That must be why the number of states who allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms without any permit whatsoever is increasing every year… because California is leading the way.

    … Oh. Wait.



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