Michael Moore: Big Fat Target and he does not know it yet.

“The smart rich know they can only build the gate so high. And, and, sooner or later history proves that people when they’ve had enough aren’t going to take it anymore. And much better to deal with it nonviolently now, through the political system, than what could possibly happen in the future, which nobody wants to see,”
Michael Moore

Every time I see one of the Anointed Ones predict riots, death and mayhem as they expect to see when the “revolution” inevitable happens, I can’t help but laugh.

Michael definition of “The Rich” is the common one among the Left Wingers: “Anybody who has more money than me.” Michael also suffers from the traditional Left Winger Blinders and misses a principle: There is always someone poorer than you and that makes you a big fat target of the Revolution against the Rich you are trying desperately to promote. So basically Big Fat Millionaire Michael Moore will have to succumb to having to share his monies with those poorer than him by force of “Law” or by the “pitchforks and torches” treatment.

I know Michael thinks he will not subjected to the ignominy of being forced to be equally poor to the rest because he belongs to the intelligentsia class and hopes to be isolated in his government-secured dacha/condo in NYC. Sadly Revolutions are a funny thing and the Useful Idiots members of the Intelligentsia eventually are taken to the nearest wall for a ballistic re-education, languish in jail or have to take a sudden trip to a non-extradition country or stand next to a Jihadist in a immigration office in Canada claiming political prosecution status.

To all of those who preach “Revolution” a sincere warning: Once started, a revolution is a 24-7-365 event. There are no breaks to watch The X-Factor or to take a vacation to DisneyWorld or to ask for a Mulligan. There are no defined sides in the Revolution or  Safe Zones; You don’t know who will betray you, burn your house or shoot you for the fuck of it. It might be your neighbor or the guy who mowed did your lawn or somebody else you thought was safe.

There are no winners in a Revolution, only people that was so bloodthirsty that the other side quit fighting or simply ceased to exist. And uttering: “I didn’t know it was gonna get this bad” during your post-revolution trial will be as valid an excuse as “I was just following orders” in the Nuremberg Trial.

That is if you manage somehow to survive the Revolution.

3 Replies to “Michael Moore: Big Fat Target and he does not know it yet.”

  1. He’s a dumb-ass if he thinks that some primal element of “Teh People” will rise up against the “Rich” – that’s a very seldom encountered event in History, even among recent situations.
    Did it happen in Romania against Caucescue? No the Army killed him (and the Witch), as a preemptive strike.
    More often what happens is the “Stupid Rich” (Democrats) invite some “Smart Rich” (Soros) into their house and then Smarty Pants Richie takes from the Stupids — or like in the case of the Vikings the “Smart&Powerful Rich” go on a road-trip visiting the Stupid-Rich, and take whatever they want or need wherever they stop to “visit.”
    Vikings chiefs sacked whole cities, or threatened-to – and the “Rich” handed over the tribute or suffered the consequences.
    Later they set up forts and cities on purpose, so that the local peasants could gather up enough crap in somewhat security, that when they came again it was less work for the Stupidrich to hand it over to ’em… Tribute. Danegeld, Taxes – all the same thing.

  2. I’d suggest dropping Moore off at an alaksan garbage dump where the polar bears tend to congregate..but, I’m not sure if that would be harmful or helpful. I could go either way frankly.
    I don’t want to be accused of food poisoning and as far as being helpful? Think of all the fat buildup that’s get off of ol numbnuts!

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