5 Replies to “Tunnel Vision: It will get you in trouble.”

  1. Did the robber have a gun or other weapon? It looked like he just demanded money, which is closer to aggravated begging than to robbery.

  2. I don’t even…

    Dude. Seriously. WTF. Broad daylight, cop looking for a snack in the candy aisle. Hell the fact there are MULTIPLE people there who can easily pounce you even if you were armed would’ve made any sane robber pull out 3USD and ask for a bar of snickers and some Arizona Iced Tea and walk the hell outta there.

  3. I grew up there! Gwinnett county was not a Metro county when I lived there as a kid, but it sure is now. I hate going home for visits b/c of the prevalent dumbassery of so much of the population these days. It used to be quiet, courteous (mostly) and a nice place to live. *sigh*

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