CSGV: Humor is optional.

I am guessing that the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence was having issues with their Facebook page and they did not realize anybody could post without having to “like” them. So I could not help myself and added a comment to one of their latest rants.

I guess CSGV did not find my gallows humor directed at their principles funny and promptly deleted my post and fixed their Facebook Page so they need to be “Liked” again before you can post something that will get you banned.
You are very welcome Ladd!

4 Replies to “CSGV: Humor is optional.”

  1. Whew! I can see that quarry from my house. It’s above the Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club’s meeting house where my buddies shoot small-bore.We flew over it in a noisy-ass B-25 from the Collings Foundation a few years ago, and back in the day (WWII) it was the Henry J. Kaiser Magnesium plant — back when my dad was at Annapolis… Anyhow I could see why an unpleasant guy who got shafted/shifted and transferred to Night Shift driving a noisy-ass big-hauler from Stevens Creek Dam down to the railroad would be disgruntled… Have to be disgruntled in some way just to have that job.

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