Explain this one to me.

Some months ago, Florida got raked through the coals about the Pill Mills. The cry came from far and near demanding we closed pain clinics that “everybody knew” were only selling pills to addicts and adding to the illegal trafficking of prescription pain killers. I had no problem with that.

People now are defecating bricks because the the Feds have issued orders to California Medical Marijuana stores to shut down in 45 days or face prosecution. Apparently 100% of those who go to these stores to buy weed, do so because they legitimately sick and in desperate need of the item according to the complainers.Yeah right!

Apparently geese in California have it better than the ganders in Florida.

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  1. At least the pills are actual regulated medicine.

    I won’t argue therapeutic value of Marijuana, but there is no way to regulate the therapeutic dosage levels, or the inactive ingredients and excipients and degredants that are all regulated for ANYTHING that can be sold as medicine. Well EXCEPT for Marijuana, now. Oh and many of the inactive in that joint are KNOWN CARCINOGENS!

    Therapeutic or not, these people aren’t getting a script for Marinol because they’d like to get high, and sell their excess on the street.

    Just legalize this shit and quit lying!

  2. “Didn’t have a problem with that,” hmmm? I do! I utterly despise laws that prevent doctors from writing appropriate prescriptions for people in chronic pain, or that scare them into prescribing less, or less powerful, medication than their patients really need.

    This isn’t a theoretical issue for me; it’s very personal because someone in my family has lived his entire life in constant, unremitting, excruciating pain. He’s over 70 years old now and retired. But because he’s a real man who thought providing for his family was important, and because his doctors prescribed amazingly high levels of painkillers so he could live his life, he never missed a day of work as far as I know — except, of course, during the times he was in the hospital for one of his nearly a dozen major surgeries. And yet some asshole politician who never met him is prepared to send his doctor to jail for the crime of helping him have a life.

    A pox on them and their ilk. And a pox on everyone who “doesn’t have a problem” with dictating what painkillers other people can put in their own bodies.

  3. It saddens me that someone who claims to be pro-freedom wants the Federal government to regulate what I can do with my body in the privacy of my own home.

  4. The reason they came down on Florida pill mills is California didn’t cost an anointed one an election and give the reins of power to teh hatzor W.

    My problem with the pill mills was and is that the abuse from the liars make it harder and harder for me to get serious treatment for my chronic pain.

    Of course I’m in that wonderful pain lever where over-the-counter isn’t near enough and the dosage of the good-stuff is too much. I can hurt or be loopy.

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