Why I own Guns & Ammo.

Occupy Wall Street participant.

Because this moron is not just exercising his right to free speech (mostly repeating the old “Country, Socialism or Death! war cry) but he does actually wishes the the curse of a Chavez or a Castro in the White House and our lives under the thumb of a dictatorship.

Screw him and his ilk if they think we will let them.

5 Replies to “Why I own Guns & Ammo.”

  1. can we send him to Cuba with no dollars or nice cloths? i’m sure he wouldn’t be singing the same song had he lived it

  2. I…I honestly don’t know. It’s like they WANT us to live in a country that has gone back on its legendary and real promise of the ability to make it to a higher station than our previous lives.

    Then again, my post in the examiner column shows why the portion of my generation that I’m with will never let that happen.

    TANSTAAFL. They should’ve heard about that when they were younger. But hey, if they want to go turn America into the next Cuba, I’m all for funding a one way trip for em there. I give them a month before they’re trying to sneak out or approach Gitmo to try and say they’re American citizens and need to escape.

  3. ahh the brain drained socialistic useless pricks of the world. The best use of them? To build a wall of their bodies to keep the barbarians they’d put in charge, from taking you without a fight. *headscratch* which would actually be darwinism in action so I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it either. *snort*

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