Back from the range.

Cool day for a change. Then again it has been raining like crazy in Miami for the last 24 hours. fast and simple IDPA match with four stages including a variation of El Presidente that included a No-Shoot target and forced you to lean to the left.

And that is what a procedural looks like in IDPA. Shooter dropped a loaded magazine on a mandatory reload. At least his finger was on the right location.


You cannot shoot in Miami without a good cigar. Walt In PA will feel just at home. I actually saw somebody that had a Pelican case adapted as range humidor. And no, I am not into cigars but I must endure them 🙂


Low point of the day at the range. The label was a sad reminder that the fight for the Second Amendment is far from over.


Shooting was over and on the way out, this was heading toward the range.

And now, if you excuse me I have a date with the ForScore software and a stack of score sheets

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me in your post. I always take cigars with me to the range but I have yet to light one up during a match (USPSA is the only shooting sport I’ve tried). I would think they would become a burden when resetting a stage. To remedy that, I’m going to get a Golf Clip and do what I can to afix it to my range bag 🙂

    Cool photos.

    1. There are several shooters that will engage a course of fire while ridding a stogie. Something about being a sin to drop a good cigar even if life is on the line.

  2. oh and has absolutely nothing to do with guns but you might just shake your head in wonderment at the latest post over on my blog. It has to do with theft on a grand scale. *headshake* a new twist on theft no less.

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