And that makes America great.

This photo allegedly is from one of the many “Occupy” protests.

Dear Idiot: Anybody will probably get a better return for their money (Fun, self defense, work) by buying a gun. The fact that you are in the “Occupy Something” protest demonstrates that even one single solitary buck put in your education will be a frigging waste. And, Oh Yes! Guns are a Constitutional Right, your “education” is not.

And yes, I would like some fries with my meal. Thank You.

6 Replies to “And that makes America great.”

  1. Depends on where sparky wants to buy a gun. Only took me 11 days from filling out my application and writing my entrance essays, to getting my acceptance letter and making the arrangements for the start of classes. Took me over two months to get my first gun in my hands here in Massachusetts.

    The comparisons could go on, but really I find it difficult to compare the two. One is a hard-good that is possessed as private property, the other is a very extensive and greatly varying exchange for services.

    Unless you count the diploma, in which case unaccredited diploma mills are just as easy as a gun bought from a crack dealer’s trunk.

    1. Weer, will it hurt you much to know that a Floridian with his/her CWL can walk into a gun store, select the gun, pay for it, fill the form, wait for the NICS check and then go home with the gun?

  2. Judging from the dull-eyed, mouth-breathing expression on his face, I’m surprised he is capable of spelling the word “gun” much less owning and operating a firearm. Perhaps he had his Womyn’s Studies instructor help him prepare his sign.

  3. @Buckeye Copperhead:
    I agree, his lackluster appearance is not encouraging. I probably would not hire him to scrub the toilets at a McDonald’s (and forget letting him touch the food)!

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