Are Florida Legislators Under the Influence?

You read something and realize that maybe the idea of drug testing legislators in a random basis should be thought seriously.

On an article about Manatee County rushing to repeal illegal anti gun ordinances, we find this quote from Florida Senator Mike Bennet (R):

Florida Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Bennett said he had not realized when the legislation was under consideration that it would be so far-reaching.

“I don’t think most of us realized it would put the cities and counties in the box they’re in,” he said Monday. “I believe in Home Rule: If the City of Bradenton wants to write legislation saying you can’t carry a gun inside the bar, they should be able to do that.”

OK Mike, here is the thing:

1- The “Home Rule” does not give the right to a city to pass ordinances that go against the Constitution.

2- The law has been in the books for 24 years and ignored without you legislative monkeys caring one bit about its violation. What was done was to give the CITIZENS (those who you are supposed to be working for) a way to bring local politicians to order.

3- Did I mention that the law has been in the books for 24 years? Florida Law does not allow the carrying of a weapon in a bar.

Now, can you please direct yourself to the nearest drug testing center? Thank You.