4 Replies to ““Just give them what they want.””

  1. I picked up on the same video and posted on it this morning also.

    A very clear illustration of the difference between predatory violence and protectionary violence. The thugs shoot immediately and nearly indiscriminately while the owner/clerk waits and targets only the thug.

    Yet the antis claim we need to make it harder for people like the clerk/owner to get firearms. That isn’t common sense.

  2. And, contrary to the anti-Rights crowd’s constant assertions that people will end up shooting innocent bystanders while missing the criminals during this kind of thing, it appears that the clerk managed to completely not shoot the other employee who was on the other side of his target, while putting two rounds into the bad guy. It’s almost like they don’t know what they’re talking about!

    The only critique I have is that he should have been carrying the gun on his person, rather than leaving it under the counter. It’s possible there’s some state/local legal reason behind that, but the end result is that he almost wasn’t able get to it when he really needed it right fracking now.

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