Stalin would be so proud!

If you have a Twitter account, please subscribe to @MrHortonscycles (eat therich) feed. It is funny and gives you pretty much an idea how frigging deranged these Occupy Wall Street people can be.

Here are some samples:

And apparently common sense is not welcome either.
He was kinda pissed that people were messing with him so, threats!
"Kumbaya My Lord" he ain't!
With all the shit you guys propose, no kidding!
You did notice you are a white kid, right? BTW, you may want read about Robespierre first.
Not in touch with his feminine side, I see.
Revolutionary, yet quite the little capitalist!
Damn, I would really hate to see you mad! LOL

Let’s be clear. This young asshole is all talk and no balls. He makes the traditional mistake of confusing politeness with weakness and that can be deadly if he ever decides to make the dumb mistake of trying to fulfill his threats. He is what some people call “target of opportunity”  and Uncle Joe called “Useful Idiot.”

But he is sure fun to watch!


Update: Useful Idiot apparently realized he was saying stuff not helpful to the “cause” so he started to delete past tweets. Kinda late by now Mr. Horton. Just saying.

Update 2: the account no longer exists. Oh well!

Update3: He changed names. He is now @anarcosocailist. Why do I have the feeling spelling is not his strong suit?

10 Replies to “Stalin would be so proud!”

  1. One of those type of assholes who is tough and threatening on the Web, but in person he’d probably piss himself if anyone got in his face.


  2. E-thugs its easy to be a badass hiding behind a monitor, same goes for people with body guards saying i don’t need my snubbie. i wouldn’t NEED it either if i had body guards. I’d still have it though 😉


  3. E-Thugs. Amusing to watch. The mere sound of a shotgun being pumped in the home he breaks in and the warning. “YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO COME BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM” sends em running.


  4. It seems this Che-wannabe is in San Diego… I’m starting to get the opinion that our 2nd Amendment rights in this 21st Century are about ensuring the Citizenry’s freedom from the tyranny of these #OWS Government Proxies, who are getting a nod-and-a-wink from Obama, and receiving praise from Pelosi.


  5. It’s always funny to see their threats, they seem to conveniently forget that we are the ones with the 300+ million firearms in this country. “Oh Noes, look! A pack of 5 dozen liberals is coming to take me to the executioner of justice !” sound of the 75 rd drum being loaded into the saiga & the bolt racked. couple of minutes later, “well, that didnt take much effort.”
    Bringing feel good politics to a gunfight is a REALLY bad idea. 😉



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