Disconected from reality is being kind.

My favorite OccupyWallStreet idiot, MrHortonscycles is again tweeting under the name anarcosocialist. I have been harassing him on and off because it is fun to see him go off but I decided to ask him a serious question in order to determine how good is his grip on how things work in the real world. His answers were a bit shocking, specially for somebody touting himself as progressive and as a fighter for the People.

-@anarcosocialist One thing #occupywallstreet hasnt explained yet. What happens when “the rich” go galt?
-@GunFreeZone I have no idea what that means
-@anarcosocialist You guys want to tax “the rich” 90% of what they make. So what happens when “the rich” stop generating revenue?
-@GunFreeZone the vast majority will fall in line the others will be forced to keep working. its very simple
-@anarcosocialist what do you mean they can’t? How are you gonna force them if they don’t want to?
-@GunFreeZone they can’t refuse, its very simple
-@GunFreeZone to get a truly peaceful and just society you must be wiling to #breaksomeeggs i do not shy away from this
-@GunFreeZone it might be painful for the first generation but their kids will fall in line in a hurry. it is the only way
-@GunFreeZone #breaksomeeggs that is all im wiling to say
-@anarcosocialist You realize the last time some people said stuff like that we had some 200K casualties in this country, right?

He did not answer for a while so I shot him one more question, fully loaded:

@anarcosocialist So you support the Dred Scott v. Sandford ruling by the Supreme Court that applies to what you propose?

I waited for 10 minutes after the last question but, either he smelled rat (which frankly that should be the overall small where he is staying right now) or the last shipment of tofu pizza arrived and he had to go eat.

The scariest thing of all is that he says he is educated:

So there you have it folks. Occupy Wall Street will bring back Slavery, but it is all for the good of the people. Although I have the strange feeling that if we bring back  Nathan Bedford Forrest and U.S. Grant both would be on the same side of the battlefield on this one. I’ll keep you posted if he ever answers those questions.


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  1. Hell, I’ve met plenty of people with graduate degrees who couldn’t wipe their ass without an instruction manual. Notice he doesn’t say what the degrees were for (and for all we know, he has no college education at all and is just talking shit). I’ve met lawyers who were downright stupid, and one psychiatrist who had the logical skills of a six-year old.
    Consider me underwhelmed by his alleged education.


  2. Bob, he did mention something about Music and Law in other tweets… and that he went to school in Argentina which might explain why he cannot get a job


  3. Narcosocialist doesn’t want slavery. He wants Mao’s cultural revolution, Stalin’s killing of 10 million farmers because they still thought of their land as theirs. He wants Cambodia’s Killing Fields. He wants Castro’s Cuba in the U.S. And that’s no exaggeration. 200K casualties? Probably more like 20 million.


  4. Here’s just part of what the local fruitloops in houston have to say. One of the things they’re protesting tomorrow is the Energy Day at one of the big parks Why are they protesting? read on mcduff..the mind truly boggles….
    “it’s dominant sponsor is the ‘Consumer Energy Alliance’ a non profit, non partisan organization that talks about having a balanced view and then gives deeply biased information. for example they talk about the Keystone XL pipeline, but only favorably. They never mention the NASA scientists who say that burning the tar sands oil will lead to the extinction of 20-40% of the species alive today”

    teh stoopid..it berns…*headshake*
    Oh and if you want to see something REALLY interesting..go over to

    the “love” that this child is getting from the ‘hope and love’ crowd is truly…putrid.



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