IDPA whining & assorted crap.

The litany sometimes gets to me. I must be getting old.

“The rules are too confusing!”
You are not being asked to write a paper about the philosophical ramifications of the rules, just to follow them.

“There are too many rules!”
Go to a square range, shoot one shot a second, no drawing. That simple enough for you?

“Why do we have to shoot from behind cover?”
Because the second rule in a gunfight is Do Not Get Shot.

“It is not fast enough and too low round count.”
Join USPSA, a fine organization and a great action shooting sport.

” (Insert your choice here) rule is dumb. That doesn’t happen in real life.”
Pray tell me how many real life shootings have you participated. XBox games do not count. If IDPA was good enough for Jim Cirillo, it is damned good enough for me.

“I wanna shoot what I carry.”
Nobody is stopping you from putting away the tricked-out Glock 34 with the 1.5 pound trigger and shooting the J-frame with more lint than my dryer’s vent because you carry it in your pocket and the last time you shot it was sometime during the Bush Administration. Do start the stage from the low ready and suck up the procedural for not having a proper holster.

“Why should anybody get a procedural for dropping a partially loaded mag and not picking it up?”
Because in real life, the penalty for having your gun go to slide lock and the only ammo you have left is 10 yards away is usually the ER or the Morgue.

“But IDPA is not Real Life!”
But it is more useful than your whining.

4 Replies to “IDPA whining & assorted crap.”

  1. Well played. I think the big points where the rules of IDPA get silly are just because its a game with a set score card…and real life only cares if you live.

    In the end, its not like IDPA keeps it a secret about what they are and how they work…if you don’t like that do something else.

    This reminds me of somebody going to a boxing match and bitching that “In real life they allow kicking”. Fine, but that’s not the game you’re playing, and IDPA isn’t real life, because real life there would be incoming fire.

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