@anarcosocialist is not a happy Occupier.

It seems that some evil right wing conservative nutjobs are harassing him too much with ideas and thoughts that well, make sense. He does not like it, one bit.

So @anarcosocialist is lashing out with promises of gloom and doom:

@anarcosocialist’s favorite hint to violence is the has tag #breaksomeeggs. I got tired of his BS, so I tweeted him a link to a video. His answer was also revealing:

The video is of a varminter taking care of a prairie dog. I wanted him to understand that we are not the delicate violets that propaganda says we are and that we will be easy to push so he and his buddies can live off what we accomplished. He did not get it.

His loss. Our target practice.

6 Replies to “@anarcosocialist is not a happy Occupier.”

  1. To paraphrase one of this twit’s idols (Stalin): “Just how many divisions do these dread-locked hippies have, anyway?”

    Seriously, just who does he think is going to be doing the egg breaking? His band of pasty little posers?

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