CSGV supports May Issue and why not?

Remember this principle: If CSGV appears to be conceding, they are actually getting or vying for something that gets them what they want.

For the uninitiated, at first look the proposal looks sensible. We all want guns to be kept away from the less desirable members of our society. Where we differ is who do we consider less desirable members: For our side is those mentally ill and a danger to themselves or their fellow men, violent felons and those with serious addiction problems that rends unfit. For CSGV the less desirable members of society happens to be most anybody.

May Issue is a inherently corrupt system. The theory behind it is that the local Chief Law Enforcement has the ultimate say-so on who gets a permit because they know the people of their jurisdiction and therefore their character and intentions. That would be fine and dandy if you happen to live in a very small town with a Sheriff that is incorruptible, not elected and logical in the application of the guidelines. Basically you would have to have to appoint a Vulcan as sheriff and last I heard Mr. Spock is somewhere in the Delta Quadrant.

Sheriffs are mostly elected officials that are subject (like any other politician) to the whims of the machine that helped them get elected. If anything, history has taught us that May Issue states in the Old South would not issue a gun permit if you were a Negro but would issue a nice beating if such Negros would have had the balls to even ask for such gun permit. The “enlightened” are (not were) any better; in places like New York City, only the high and mighty have a chance to get a gun permit since Self Defense is not a compelling reason. Are you a money donor to the party? Well here is your permit! Are you donating for the other party? Pffffff!  Go Home and get a baseball bat. Oh! and they don’t have to tell you why you were not selected but just tell you you did not get it.

Shall Issue sets a state-wide standard which must be applied to everybody regardless of sex, color, religion, politics and favorite ice cream flavor. It is mostly set on not being a felon, not being an addict, not having mental problems or beat your significant other. Some states demand some sort of basic safety and/or firearms usage training and some not. But the final idea is that you, a taxpayer and law abiding citizen of the state can obtain the means to carry a handgun for self defense without having to fork over cash for political considerations or going the Michjael Jackson way and change the color of your skin.

Always remember that Gun Control is not about guns but about exercising control over people. A Constitutional Right cannot be applied as if we were selecting kids for a sandlot baseball game.

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  1. Yup.

    We can either issue permits to carry based on specific criteria set down by law, or we can subject ourselves to the arbitrary whims of an individual bureaucrat.

    People who argue for the latter are arguing for tyranny, because that’s exactly what tyranny is: arbitrary and unrestrained exercise of power.



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