@anarcosocialist: The purity of a revolutionary movement.

My dear friend @anarcosocialist is the gift that keeps on giving. A pampered grown up from La Jolla CA where his daddy works at the Salk Institute (according to him), he’s been spouting all kinds of vociferous revolutionary rubbish from what I suspect is Daddy’s comfortable mansion. He is still theratening with #breaksomeeggs and looping heads since I last told you about him. But @anarcosocialist suffers from Foot-In-Mouth disease (we hope that the Salk Institute is working hard on a vaccine) because after discovered that contrary to his promises, he had not joined his brethren in NY, he let this jewell escape via Twitter for IPhone (love the irony):

Now, if you remember my previous post, @anarcoterrorist used to go under the name @MrHortonscycles. He claimed that Mr. Horton was a guy he used to work for when he was young, but somebody (my apologies, i can’t remember who) pointed out that there was an episode of Different Strokes where the kids were hanging around a bicycle shop owned by a Mr. Morton who happened to be a pedophile.

And now we have this hasty admission of being wanted for sexual assault. It is getting so bad that fellow revolutionaries in Twitter are accusing him of being a plant.

Of course there is the possibility that @anarcosocialist is a major troll and he’s been yanking our chain big time. But he keeps on giving with such fervor I cannot pass the offer.

Stay tuned for updates here. I have the feeling this is not gonna end here.

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  1. You know, if he skipped out on the court dates I’m sure theirs a bond agency bounty out for him. Might not be worth the travel, but somebody could score a little cash putting a pedo and a commie behind bars.

    1. Hmmm… I know a bunch of funemployed college students who have their heads on right… I think you just created the pro-rights community’s version of the Peace Corps, Weer’d. 😛

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