CSGV: Ladd Everitt thinks he is in Cuba or Venezuela.

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What the hell is a Traitor To Our Government?

Dear Ladd: We do not live in a Third World country or in a Socialist country. We do not swear loyalty to a government or an individual. We swear to protect and defend the Constitution, we pledge allegiance to the Flag & swear on God’s name.

Maybe working for the U.S.‑Saudi Arabian Business Council made you submit to something or other and that is fine if you feel like faceplaming the floor 5 times a day but do not start making up law where none exists. And watch out who you call traitor, libel is such a horrible thing to add to your resume.

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  1. Let’s be honest. They’re not really worried about “treason,” they are incensed by lese majeste.
    They have to be, because they don’t want anyone talking bad about them when they are in charge. You and I don’t care if someone talks smack about us. They have to worry about it because they plan on being in charge, and dictators can’t tolerate that sort of thing.


  2. Well when you have “Success Stories” like Chicago and DC, and the only studies that support your agenda needed to be bought and paid for by your employer. The truth is their biggest enemy. Further they are anti-freedom not anti-gun, they hate ALL civil rights. If the 1st Amendment reveals their failures, they must restrict the 1st as well.

    That’s all the call for “Treason” is, its the same mechanism of why the Tea Party is so “Racist”. If you’re anti-gun, you don’t hold backing up your statements to high esteem.


  3. “Traitor to our Government”?

    What – exactly – *IS* “our Government”?

    To what do our .mil officers, cops and politicians all swear fealty?


    You know – the one which says “…The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED(PERIOD)!”

    So… Who, EXACTLY, are the “traitors to our government”?

    Those who deliberately seek to SUBVERT OUR CONSTITUTION – and strip Citizens of the rights it guarantees!

    That would be YOU, “LADD”!



  4. All this is funny when you consider that “making things in your garage” is as fine a hobby as anything else. My dad used propane and solder to make marble tracks, for example, and also enjoyed woodwork, and designing and building all sorts of electronic devices.

    How is having a 3D printer or a lathe any different? Some enjoy making miniatures, whether it be engines or guns…and if you could make something in miniature, it isn’t all that hard to make something standard-sized either.



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