Occuppy Miami not doing too well.

The place they selected is Bayfront Park which is far enough from government buildings but close enough to the Bank Of America Building. The pic is from the first day last Saturday… and that is as good as it gets. It has not stopped raining since and from what i have seen in the news there is only 25% left of the crowd now.

No Che Guevara shirts were seen which means they have not taken a 100% leave of absence from common sense (You will get a no-shit beat down by the local Cuban populace who had relatives that were exterminated by Che if you are dumb enough to wear a shirt with his semblance) and only one purple SEIU shirt.

More rain is in the forecast and the a drop of temperature for nights in the mid 60s after Wednesday which is the equivalent of near freezing for Miami.

Nope, not going well. At least they are polite and behaving rather nicely, I’ll give them that. If it starts to get funky, I may have to drop by.

3 Replies to “Occuppy Miami not doing too well.”

  1. How many professionally printed Union Signs did you see? I love seeing those glossy printed signs in the background as some filthy hippie with dilated pupils speaks out about Lobbies, Corporate Greed, and people who manipulate the political system.

    I will give the hippies ONE faint bit of credit, they aren’t letting the Unions control their message….of course they’re having a hard time figuring out a message at all…


  2. Wow i work in downtown two buildings down from Goverment Center and I didn’t even know they were protesting. Must have been quiet too I didn’t hear anything when I went to my usual gyro place which is pretty close to bayfront.



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