So you want your debts erased…..

To those who are demanding that their student loans be pardoned and those whose home loans are too much to pay and lost or are about to lose your houses, I have a proposition to make and I would like to present to Congress.

1- Your debt as of now is erased. You owe nothing to anybody. You are as clean of debt as if you just joined the Witness Protection program.

2- But, since the monies you took on loan were federal (Freddie May and Fannie Mac) that means you actually owed those monies to your neighbors. Here are our terms:

a) From the next 20 years, you shall have no credit whatsoever. That means you must pay everything cash. You are not allowed to have a credit card or make a promissory note. No loans whatsoever. Sorry but you have proven to be unreliable.

b) You are not allowed to be on any type of welfare program for the same period. No section 8 housing or free health care or food stamps or anything of the such. You are allowed to take charity only from private entities or individuals which in turn can use it for tax deductions. This would be a way for you to repay their kindness.

c) If you happen to make any sort of windfall profit, you should donate 25% to a non-governmental charity directly related to medically benefit people. No PETA crap or political stuff. You can do that with your own earned monies.

d) If by any chance you were to be elected for public office, you are restricted to make only minimum wage and will not accept any perks of office such as take-home cars, government issued cell phones, fuel, etc. You pay your way in and out.

e) You are not allowed to serve as Military, Law Enforcement or Rescue personnel due to your lack of responsibility. Also you cannot be a judge or serve in a jury, but you can be a lawyer.

f) If at any time you wish to leave this contract, you may do so by repaying the debt you had in the amount erased at the time of this contract without any extra penalties or accumulated interest.

g) Failing to fulfill any term of this contract may lead to a prison sentence equally to the remaining time in your contract. If found guilty, you will be sent to the future Tent City Federal Facility in Arizona under the supervision of Warden Joe Arpaio.

This list will be updated as needed.