Why I cannot take these people seriously.

A sign from Occupy Key West. I heard it is a very popular sign among other Occupy groups; must be because it does not require creative thinking.

And this one I got from the Occupy Miami Facebook page. Three fat cats peddling Michael Moore’s movie. And who called central casting requesting a Cuban Pimp?
But at the end, the wife and myself decided we must follow the trend and join one of the movements. Her choice was:

I went with a less militant group:

One Reply to “Why I cannot take these people seriously.”

  1. And thus the trolls realize we don’t give a damn and are moving in. Go my pretties!

    I also think half of them are Anon who are quite pissed in the usage of the Guy Fawkes masks. I say Anon should go back to the Laughing Man mask we so loved back when Ghost in the Shell: SAC was new.

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