CSGV: We are getting desperate!

Evil Gun Owner threatens to shoot peaceful law-abiding Occupy Portland protestors. Not quite.

Now, if you are going to “exaggerate” make sure the link you use does not provide information that goes against what you said plus adds some details that makes you look stupid and racist. From OregonLive.com

There, officers found Jason Charles Parker, 32, with a gun and arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Parker was taking video at the camp when several demonstrators “verbally challenged” him, police said. During the argument, one of the demonstrators used a racial slur at Parker, who then showed a gun he had tucked in his waistband.

Parker is a concealed handgun license owner, police said.

So, he was not arrested for brandishing but for disorderly conduct. I checked the Oregon Law and I could not find the term “brandishing” anywhere, first CSGV fail. As you can imagine, Mr. Parker is a person of color other than White who might have felt threatened by the enlightened ones at Occupy Portland picnic verbally attacking & using racial slurs.

Mr. Parker was indeed arrested for disorderly conduct ‘B’ (misdemeanor) and released on his own recognizance, case disposed. That leads me to believe he was not considered a threat to society or crazed gunman ready to kill anybody in sight, second CSGV Fail. And what adds spice to this whole issue is the official release of Portland Police informing on the incident and requesting if anybody had video of it. You see, in Oregon the use use verbal slurs is considered harassment which depending on the conditions, can go from the regular misdemeanor flavor to felony if “A reasonable person would believe that the threat was likely to be followed by action.” (Oregon 166.065 D-iii)

But like any good infomercial, that is not all! In the same OregonLive.com article we find out that at the same location:

Police also arrested a man at the camp Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of dealing drugs. Timothy Soldani, 36, of Tillamook, was taken into custody after officers said they found him carrying a mason jar filled with several bags of marijuana. He was booked in the Multnomah County Jail.

Damn, with the quality of people at the Occupy Portland shindig. I am leaning on siding with Mr. Parker’s side of the story  Somehow lazy lefty racists and dope dealers do not make for trustworthy people. But that is just me.

UPDATE: I wanted to keep this post classy, but I am not a classy guy so here it goes.

Dear Ladd: Your stupid Facebook post is the 21st Century equivalent of Bull Connor shouting: ZOMG! That Negro has a gun!
I hope you are happy, you are now officially in the same side of the Klan.

UPDATE 2: and the reason Mr. Parker feel threatened was not only a bunch on idiots screaming “Nigger!” but the display of knives against him. No wonder Portland Police wants video and it is gonna be doubtful it will ever appear.

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  1. Doesn’t that fit the definition of brandishing? It probably varies by state, but deliberately flashing a holstered pistol in NY state, even with a CCL, would be considered brandishing and result in charges.

    Don’t get me wrong-my read on this gentleman’s actions is that he felt threatened and that letting his tormentors know that physical violence would end very badly for them without having to unholster and potentially muzzle bystanders was the safest way to de-escalate.

  2. That is the thing, there is no Brandishing according to what I could find in Oregon’s law. The closest it comes is what he got arrested for: disorderly conduct.

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