Mayors Against Legal Guns have no problem obfuscating.

MAIG published an ad in USA Today in opposition of H.R. 822, the National Reciprocity Law; nothing new there. Were used at MAIG spewing bullcrap but it is stuff like this that sends this ad into the Outright Lies field, bear with me:

This forced concealed carry reciprocity legislation would require states to recognize permits  issued in other states, even if those other states
have far weaker standards…..


Doing so would threaten the safety of our citizens by putting loaded guns in the hands of people who are too dangerous to qualify for a local permit.

Again, nothing that we have not seen before. But the plot thickens when we reach the people signing this add. Why is that? Because plenty of those mayors demanding that their state’s “right” to determine who can carry from outside their jurisdiction already do so.

Florida’s Concealed Weapons License is the most mentioned as being weak in requirements and easy to obtain and the target for every anti-carry newspaper editorial out there, yet, it is accepted by 36 states but they fail to tell you that!  I understand that the Honorable Dawn Zimmer from Hoboken, New Jersey would feel “intruded” by a visiting Floridian carrying in her city since the state is notoriously nasty about issuing gun permits to its own citizens but that the Honorable Kasim Reed, mayor of Atlanta, Georgia raises concerns when Florida and Georgia have had reciprocity already for many years and without any problems is absurd.There is also the question about how many of those majors whose “signature” appear in the add are OK with it. It is not the first time that MAIG has published a letter “signed” by everybody and then the “signees” find out about it and were not in agreement.

Let’s admit it. This is just political grandstanding by an organization that has been a constant failure promoting their agenda notwithstanding the millions poured into it by His Highness Mayor Bloomberg. The First Pope of NYC. Federal Reciprocity is simply the logical next step on the 25 years of the official Concealed Carry movement in this country.

MAIG, get over it.