My job for today.

My job today will be contacting all the Florida Mayors that appeared in MAIG’s USA Today ad and ask them this:

Dear Mayor:

I saw your name on an ad in USA Today ran by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The ad expressed opposition agianst H.R. 822 The National Reciprocity Act which would allow Law Abiding Citizens with Concealed Weapons Permits to carry legally in any state that issues its own Concealed Weapons Permits to its citizens.

The ad states without equivocation that this law if approved “would put our police officers
at risk by making it far more difficult to distinguish law-abiding gun owners from dangerous criminals.” My question to you is: Why would you support the inferred statement that a law abiding Floridian with a concealed weapons permit will become a potential cop killer once he/she leaves the state?

And one more question if you please. Do you think that a Floridian’s right to defend him or herself against deadly force stops at the border with Georgia or Alabama? Do we become second class citizens after crossing an imaginary line?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Miguel Gonzalez


Here is the list of Florida mayors who signed the MAIG ad.

Jean Rosenfield, Bal Harbour, Florida
Perry Knight, Bowling Green, Florida
Sue Gunzburger, Broward County, Florida
Debby Eisinger, Cooper City, Florida
Peggy Noland, Deerfield Beach, Florida
Juan Carlos Bermudez, Doral, Florida
Craig Lowe, Gainesville, Florida
Glenn Singer, Golden Beach, Florida
Charles Sanders, Greenwood, Florida
Joy Cooper, Hallandale Beach, Florida
Peter J. M. Bober, Hollywood, Florida
Kenneth M. Shultz, Hypoluxo, Florida
Mary Lou Hildreth, Keystone Heights, Florida
Gow B. Fields, Lakeland, Florida
Patricia Gerard, Largo, Florida
Barrington Russell, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
Richard Kaplan, Lauderhill, Florida
Tomas Regalado, Miami, Florida
Matti H. Bower, Miami Beach, Florida
Bill Barnett, Naples, Florida
Andre Pierre, North Miami, Florida
Buddy Dyer, Orlando, Florida
Frank C. Ortis, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Norman S. Edelcup, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Daniel Dietch, Surfside, Florida
John Marks III, Tallahassee, Florida
Pamela Bushnell, Tamarac, Florida

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