Why Occupy Wall Street sucks compared to the 60s.

1) Better era for Music

You can’t compare this:

and this:

With this:

And this:

2) Better era for cars.

What would you really like to drive?

And this one…

Or you rather drive this..

Or even this one..

And to close this post, 2 things the 60s had that you cannot find now.

Real men, not metrosexual bitches.
Full bodied women, not anorexic twats.

9 Replies to “Why Occupy Wall Street sucks compared to the 60s.”

  1. “In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.”
    Douglas Adams

    Thats what came to mind.


  2. “These boots are made for walking” was a #1 hit in 1966. Air-cooled VW’s, the Honda Z600, just about any Fiat or Renault. from the 60’s. Now there are 4-banger Civics with more horsepower than a 60’s 289 Mustang. Now we’ve got 305HP Mustangs with gas mileage equaling a 60’s Beetle.

    I’ll agree that “don’t send my friends to get shot by Viet Cong” is a better cause than ‘forgive my student loans’ though.


  3. Honda Civics may go faster, but will never impart the respect a Muscle Car of that era will. The latest Rice Burner will not turn any heads in 5 years but drive around with a Charger R-T from that old era and mouths will drool and girls will feel the rumble of that engine give them a tingling sensation that will make them blush. They were unforgiving animals that would kill you if you did not respect them. Double points if you were cruising while the 8-track was playing Crosstown Traffic.


      1. ooops..that’s COUPE..not couple. Oh and miguel? they do still make women like that. I know a number of them. They’re pinup models in the classic sense of the word ‘pinup’



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