I did manage to shoot some after all.

I called my guys to see if they were done with today’s IDPA match since I had to retrieve the score sheets. Roger, the club pres. told me that they were just about done but after he was going to stay to sight in his Mini-14. It dawned on me that I had not shot my WASR in almost 2 years and I didn’t know if the red dot was not only on target but if the battery was still good. We have a Monster Killing match next weekend and unless I want to become a zombie or a werewolf, I needed to make sure I was on target.

The red dot was a tad off and after a couple of clicks, I was able to group the shots nicely (1/2 MOM or Minute of Monster) at 25 yards using a rest. Later I tried from supported standing at a rock on the berm 50 yards away and I made that thing dance and become gravel.

I had my ballistic therapy in and I feel much better now.

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