Must be cold up north.

The coots are back!

Hell, I am outside on my porch, it is 70 degrees and the wind is blowing (according to NWS) at 18 mph so I am actually wearing a shirt. I think I have to go back inside and get me a wool cap or something. Don’t laugh, for us South Floridians this is cold and I apparently caught some sort of bug too.

One Reply to “Must be cold up north.”

  1. This’ll make you feel better, Miguel: it’s 40 degrees now at 1700 hrs… and yes, the coots are heading south. I yet have to get my bunns outta bed and into the duck blind this year. Darn, missing a lot of that since the niece has me fixing her store. Drat.
    Hey, get well fast- we don’t need no stinkin’ zombies eatin’ you ‘cuz you was too slow and winded to get in the last lick…err, round…



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