Non Traditional Mag and Ammo and Crap carrier.

Since I am missing my day at the range thanks to an unexpected cold, I might as well be useful to fellow shooters.

When I used to have time and attend South Florida Defensive Carbine Club matches hosted by Rob Sloyer of Tactical Yellow Visor, the issue of carrying a crapload of rifle mags, the ammo and assorted stuff is one that people get creative about.  The idea of using stuff not specifically designed for shooting is not only fun a money saver if you have a bit of Google-Fu or plain smarts.

The “Tactical Green Wagon” : I have seen several shooters carry stuff around with some sort of wagon or another. Very well built for gardening or hauling heavy stuff but they all shared the same problem: too frigging heavy. TGW started as a cheap kid’s wagon ($30) for sale at Northern Tool – Equipment and I mean cheap as in poorly made. the box was of a metal with the consistency of aluminum foil and the wheel section was not as straight as it could be. I built a wooden box bigger than the original metal one, banged a bit around the wheels and voila! The vertical structure you see is mad of PVC and it was made to carry foldable chairs and an umbrella which come handy at IDPA sanctioned matches and it can be easily removed. The cart itself will accommodate a CED Range Bag and a small cooler without problem. During the last Florida IDPA Championship, the morning of the first day a couple of shooters saw me with the cart and smirked some at the contraption. When I was leaving at around 4:00 pm I saw the same shooters, tired and holding on to the range bags. They saw me and even though they did not say a word, the eyes revealed “perhaps that is not a bad idea after all.” For somebody with a bad back like me, it is golden!

AK Mag & Ammo & Crap Carrier: This was a gift from my wife a couple of years back. Nothing but a Husky tool tote without any modification that the missus bought on sale for $9. The original idea was from Rob himself and another brand, but since he is an M4 freak, he made sure his tote could carry AR mags. I think my wife actually took an AK mag to Home Depot to measure the pockets. This thing is made strong as hell, it can carry up to 10 AK magazines in its pockets and 1,000 rounds of ammo inside plus mag pouches and more stuff. Of course, if you fill it with all of the above, it will be heavy as hell defeating the purpose of saving my back. Whenever i use it (and I am planning next week for the Halloween 3-gun match) I carry it in the TGW and I save myself the need for pain killers.

OK, I feel a bit better now after contributing to the health and welfare of my fellow shooters. Now go throw some lead downrange while I sniffle.

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  1. The TGW… great concept. Whenever I go to the cowboy shoots I’m always amazed at the number of contraptions they’ve arrived at to help carry their load- aside from the two six shooters they wear and the carbine and shotty… there’s a ton of ammo for each, usually a cleaning kit of some sort, ear muffs and eye wear, a lunch, rehydration supplies, snacks, and maybe even the kiddies- depending on size.
    This year I saw the best ever, though: one competitor had taken a wooden barrel, about the size of a 30 gallon steel can (14″ dia. by about 32″ long), put some wheeled legs on it, a saddle on top, and reins tied to the saddle horn. Inside the barrel were his supplies- and he had a lot. Two slide out shelves and his long guns stored below the lower shelf in the moon shaped barrel. Wish I’d taken some pix of it- maybe next year if he shows up.



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