11 Replies to “Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?”

  1. Is the U.S. Declaration of Independence illegal? Of course it is, under the British rules and laws. The whole point of the document is that we didn’t want to play by their rules anymore, and they obviously weren’t enthused about just letting us do our own thing. The same applies to the division of North vs South in the Civil War. When a part of a group wants to splinter off on their own without the consent of the rest, it doesn’t matter who has the most lawyers or best legal case, it matters who wins the war.

    1. Yeah, I think any kind of rebellion by definition would have to be illegal. I’m not sure what they’re trying to get at.

  2. Wow, they’re sure missing the elephant in the living room about secession. For it to be legal you have to win the resultant war.

    That’s why we’re Americans and why there’s no CSA…

  3. So France needs to go back to a monarchy? Libya to Kadafi’s son (is there one still alive somewhere?)
    Keep following their logic, and every piece of land ever won by force of arms needs to go back to the original owner or their descendants. How’s that gonna work out for the Crown, do ya think?

  4. I am sure the discussion is just a great legal argument for the sake of the argument itself. The last thing Brits want is a bunch of Rednecks Subjects traipsing around the Tower of London and hanging NASCAR banners from its windows and telling them that their beer sucks ’cause its warm 🙂

      1. Even cheap beer can be improved by drinking it “setting in the garage” temp.

        About the only beer I’ve found that is really better cold is Mexican beer and those types of Kirin beer I’ve tried.

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