And we are having a TEOTWAWKI Match this weekend!

Our club this weekend:

There may be Monsters – there may be terrorists –
& Ghouls – Goblins – VAMPIRES — Zombies & aliens …..
We just don’t know…. so bring your rifle, shotgun, & Pistol, How much ammo do you have?

Min. round count: 50 rounds of birdshot – 12 rounds of slug – 120 rounds rifle – 20 pistol.

I was told a bit about the stages we will be facing and knowing me, I better take double the amount of ammo recommended.

Author just showing off M.H.I. patch on his vest.

And just in case, I am bringing the tomahawk.

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  1. God I love that patch. I’m thoroughly depressed though. We gotta wait til september NEXT year for the next book? Man …I don’t know if I’ll last that long.

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