Ring a Bell?

From Zomblog reporting about Occupy Oakland:

I am not an expert, but I am sure I can ring your bell from 300 yards with a properly scoped rifle in a major caliber. Care to try?

Seriously Occupy-Guys, the old saying “Never write a check with your mouth that you ass can’t cash” should be remembered before threatening people.

4 Replies to “Ring a Bell?”

  1. I think they are banking on us not taking them serious.

    Well, they’re right.

    What I am certain of is that they have not taken into account what happens if their threats become credible.

  2. Hi, Fellow American. Just want to start by saying, I’m the guy holding the sign in this picture. i was raised in a military family, got a 22 at 13 years old, still target practice from time to time, and was shot in the back Tuesday night at Occupy Oakland for exercising my first amendment right to peaceful assembly. I’m actually shocked that your response to this is to threaten me with a 300 yard shot. I especially find this sickening given the fact that I’m a pre-school teacher AND that you have a Christian prayer at the top of your page. WWJD? Also, I’d like to thank the OPD for it’s heavy-handedness. It’s helped our cause more than any protest ever will…..

  3. If you are who you say you are, allow me to say that issuing threats (which is what you are doing with your sign) does not constitute peaceful assembly. And I do not recall a passage in the New Testament where Jesus recommended the beheading of people, no matter what the sin.
    And yes, if your point of view is to re-enact the French Revolution without giving your fellow Americans accused of crimes the benefit of a fair and impartial trial, I will stand with many other and stop you and your kind.
    Clear enough?

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