Human Resources disapproves…

It seems that saying to somebody

“Next time I will skull-fuck you, you miserable ganja pisser”

is not good conflict resolution.

No, it was not me but I do have to admit that the target of such expression deserves a hair cut with a pair of pliers.

4 Replies to “Human Resources disapproves…”

  1. that’s also disapproves of answering the phone like THIS “Hello, City morgue, you stab em we slab em. We have a special on annoying neighbors this week. How can I be of service this evening?”
    The customer thought it was hilariously funny. unfortunately he passed it along to the boss…who wasn’t so amused. Unfortunately for me…when I had answered like that was out of a sense of sarcastic humor and boredom..nobody in the mall had come in the store for 60-90mins. we were 40mins from closing and …..ooops.

  2. I have family that works for LL Bean, and Bill Shatner (THE Bill Shatner) called and made a catalog order. When the operator finished the order he closed the call with a “Live Long and Prosper”.

    Shat called the management and the guy was given a pink slip that day.

    Dick move IMHO.

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