US owns almost half the civilian weapons in the world.

According to the Small Arms Survey, out of 650 million weapons in the hands of civilians worldwide, the United States Citizens own between 270 and 310 million.

India comes in second with six time less guns in the hands of civilians.

“But…but… How come so many guns?! I know we are the most violent country in the planet! I heard the Bradys and Laddites say so!” says Chicken Little. Not quite.
That is the list of the top 54 countries by violent death. I am still trying to find where the US ranks in the close to 300 pages of info I downloaded from the Small Arms Survey website.

From what little I read so far, make no mistake: They hate the fact that the US rips apart their pre-concieved notions of Less Guns More Peace. We are the Bald Eagle in their ointment and they are not happy about it.


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    1. And if that doesn’t work, apply all those, plus sort by “children”– be sure to count anyone under 21, including soldiers and gang members.

  1. Brady HQ:
    Faceless Mook #1: “Sah! New report detailing Gun Ownership!”
    Capitan Faceless: “EVASIVE MANEUVERS!”
    Faceless Mook #2: “We can’t! Somehow the Sheeple Engine is losing strength!”
    Capitan Faceless: “…Ah bugger, ignore it and set OUR-TRUTH Broadcasts to 11.”
    Faceless Mook #3: “It’s at 22 already sah.”
    Capitan Faceless: “Hire a new Engineer, make it go up to 33.”

    1. I take all responsibility for this crappy/corny and half-assed attempt at a five rounds rapid joke.

  2. The “Small Arms Survey” is not a survey. Since I started counting gun production out of curiosity more than 40 years ago, I have found a total of 240,871,000 (+) American made guns sold domestically. That does not count tens of millions of military rifles, or imported “sporting rifles, shotguns, and handguns” that bring the total sold since 1970 up to more than 322 million pieces. With due allowance for rust and neglect, conservatively speaking Americans own more than 650 million firearms that are either immediately serviceable, or that could be restored to service with nothing more than elbow grease and ammo. Some might not be all that accurate, though 🙂

    Where does the United States, with its 4.7 per 100,000 homicide rate rank? In the 140’s out of 199 entities with an independent government. But the most violent country on earth at present is Venezuela, not El Salvador. As of a month ago, “The Republic of the Savior” is fifth in the world for violent crime and homicides. I am reasonably sure it has not changed.


    1. IIRC, Venezuela was running about 80 per 100K and Caracas was 107 per 100K. I have to find the article but I am sure the numbers were those or very close. But it was a NGO who was issuing the info since the Venezuelan government has not released accurate records in over 5 years.

  3. And if you break the US numbers down further between the Free and unFree states, I’m sure it would be even more interesting…

    1. Shawn, I had all their crap for this year printed and I am gonna sit an read it to see what other stuff they have. I already caught a “mistake” where they say in Florida, full auto weapons are verbotten unless grandfathered which is BS. I expect to find lots of stuff like that.

  4. So the U.N. wants to come and take all of our millions upon millions of guns through a silly treaty. I say, let them try. Come and take them! Molon Labe!

  5. i own 4 of those guns in the US. i completely support the 2nd amendment and the right to keep and bear arms in self defense.

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